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LeaPro Pest Control, Prevention & Management

There’s something about a cockroach scuttling across the room during your annual board meeting or a small pile of dust behind your door at home that just feels invasive. Having pests invade your business or home disturbs your peace of mind. More than being just a nuisance, most pests transmit diseases and can cause significant damage to your upholstered furniture and other home and office fixtures.

Commercial or Residential

Your property is a significant investment and one we’re sure you’re very proud to own. LeaPro understands this, and we have committed ourselves to providing you with the best possible service in pest control. It can truly be a disconcerting to think of termites eating your greatest investment but no need to panic, no need to despair.

LeaPro is indeed, here for YOU! LeaPro continues to provide top notch pest control services to companies and residences in all the major townships island-wide.

Within the scope of Pest Control, LeaPro offers:

Pre-construction Treatment: This involves a comprehensive analysis of the construction site by our expert exterminators who take into account the height of the proposed building, depth of foundation and total square footage to form a personalized plan to ensure the continued safety of your investment from termites and other annoying pests.

Termite Control: Even a medium sized termite nest has an incredible capacity for destruction. Our comprehensive termite treatment plan was designed keeping in mind a multitude of possible scenarios to ensure that your investment remains safe and secure.

Termites can cause major structural damage to commercial or domestic buildings as well as wooden furniture. People usually only see termites inside when an infestation is already well established though you may also find termites outside and around dead tree stumps, rotting boards or other detritus.
Termite colonies are divided into different classes, and most termites only come out in the dark. The most common class that you will see outside of the colony is the alate class, or winged termites. Winged termites are a reproductive class, and they swarm before they mate.
Why let termites eat away at your investment? LeaPro keeps your commercial and residential properties protected from pests year-round!

Pest Control: Our general pest control services are tailored to the client’s specific needs for the most effective results. Our technicians are fully trained and equipped to tackle any pests affecting your premises including, but not limited to rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies and pigeons. Our methods include thorough fumigation (buildings, grain, and lumber), fogging, baiting stations and traps (where not intrusive).

Pest Control, Prevention & Management would include:




Rodent / Rats, Ants, Mosquitoes


Wasp, Roaches, Bed Bugs


Flea & Tick




Fumigation (Stored Product Pests)

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Preparation Guide

This general guide will enable you to get the best possible Pest Control effectiveness. Prior to your LeaPro Pest Control appointment and the arrival of the LeaPro Technicians, please ensure that you prepare your scheduled location in at least 24 hours in advance.

Pest Control Spraying Service:
☛ Empty, pull out and stack away Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Cabinet and Drawers
☛ Cover / remove your food items
☛ Keep Closet walls clear, floors and shelves cleared and clothes to the centre of the rack
☛ Remove and store away Toys — keep floor as clear as possible and where applicable, cover toys
☛ Remove your Pets out of the house
☛ Fish aquariums covered and turned off
☛ Pull your Furniture items and Curtains away from walls to make Baseboards and Corners accessible
☛ Remove Electrical Outlet Covers and Switch Plate Covers

Indoor Roach Spray Service:
☛ Upon arrival inform your LeaPro Technician of indoor pet areas. Remove Pets from location. It is strongly recommended that your pets be treated by their vet on the day of service. Wash pet bedding blankets, toys and rugs. Fish aquariums should be covered and turned off
☛ Remove miscellaneous items removed from floors
☛ Remove objects from under beds and furniture allowing as much floor as possible accessible for treatment
☛ Vacuum Carpet areas thoroughly. Dispose of used vacuum bags immediately as eggs will hatch inside bag
☛ Sweep and Mop floor
☛ Strip linen from bed units and let arrange for LeaPro Upholstery Cleaning for Sofa set/s

After Treatment:
☛ Ventilate the location; this will enable any pesticide odor to dissipate
☛ After location is ventilated, uncover fish tank and turn on the pump, etc.
☛ Wash counters, food preparation surfaces, dishes and food utensils which were not covered during the treatment
☛ Once the surface is dried, replace with new shelf paper in cupboards and return items to cabinets, drawers and closets
☛ If possible, after treatment, allow up to 2 weeks, prior to carpet cleaning or floor cleaning. Vacuuming is permitted
☛ Call LeaPro: +1876.960.3473 or +1876.619.0726

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need pest control?  If you see just a few ants or just one mouse, those few ants or one mouse have a whole bunch of buddies lurking where you can’t see them. If you have even a slightly visible problem, then you have a problem. Left untreated, you could have a crisis on your hands.

Are the chemicals safe? No need to worry, the chemicals we apply are registered to be used in hospitals, schools and public places.

Will I have to vacate the premises? Though we use low toxicity chemicals, you will need to be gone for at least 4 hours after the Initial sprays. This evacuation process especially includes children and pets. We ask that during treatments, you either put your pets in a room that is not being treated, or you remove pets from the structure until the materials we have used are dry. Fish tanks need to be covered.

Do the chemicals carry an odor? Another great benefit of low toxicity chemicals is virtually odorless pest control. No longer do you need to be reminded that you received extermination by a nasty, lingering odor.

Will the gel/paste applied to my cupboards contaminate my food? No, it will not. The gel / paste is only applied to areas where insects congregate or harbour, like cracks, crevices or hinges.

Do I need to wash everything after the treatment? There is no need to wash utensils or surfaces once the treatment is carried out.

Is the treatment under warranty? Warranty usually applies only to our termite treatments and covers anywhere from 6 months to 3 years after treatment.

How often should I have pest control done? Regularly at intervals of no more than twelve months. Shorter periods may be recommended and Annual Contracts are recommended according to environment conditions.

Call LeaPro: +1876.960.3473 or +1876.619.0726